A native of Indiana, Pastor Bock came to California following his graduate seminary training to work with youth on the streets of Hollywood. After eight years of heading Operation Youth, a community-based recreational and counseling program, Pastor Bock became the Senior Pastor of the 600 member First Christian Church of North Hollywood, a position he has held for over thirty years. During his ministry in North Hollywood, many creative programs have been born, including the Interfaith Food Pantry and The Advent Theatre, both of which are housed at the church.

Pastor Bock holds three degrees and is credentialed to teach several subjects from Jr. High through college level. He was a member of the Los Angeles County Board of Education for sixteen years. During the same time he served as a consultant to school districts throughout the state.

His longtime interest in radio and television production led to a quiet acting career in 1975, Sine then he has appeared regularly on three leading daytime dramas in the role of a clergyman. His character on "The Young and the Restless" even bears his real name, "Rev. Bock." He also serves regularly as a technical consultant to movie and television writers and directors regarding religious authenticity. He has appeared live on ABC's "Dream Wedding" on AM/LA in an interfaith wedding ceremony, the "George and Alana Show" during their Valentine special and performed the series finale wedding on "Caroline In The City."

Outisde his professional endeavors, Pastor Bock has been working on his first book entitled "I Wasn't Born There." He enjoys traveling with his wife and an occasional round of golf. He is the father of two married sons and a proud grandfather.

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